Statement of Purpose




S4 8AN




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Statement of Purpose



Date;       February 2019

Review : February 2020


The name and address of the registered provider is:




Upwell Street Surgery, 93 Upwell Street, Sheffield, S4 8AN


Registered manager: Dr J Burton of the above address

Upwell Street Surgery  is a partnership.  There are 3 partners:


Dr  J Burton (female) MBChB, MRCGP, DRCOG, DFFP. Partner.  Joined the practice in 2000.  Interest in Teaching, women’s health, mental health

Dr H Key (male) MBChB MRCP MRCGP,  Senior Partner. Caldicott GuardianJoined the practice in 1999. Initially trained in Bristol.  Interested in Cardiorespiratory medicine, ENT.

Dr H Waring (female) MRCGP, joined the practice September 2016 , originally trained in Sheffield


Other clinical staff:

Salaried Doctors:

Dr F Van Veen (female)  DRS,DRCOG, FPCert.  Joined the practice in 2000.  Originally trained in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, GP training in Keighley, W Yorkshire. Interested  in  Dermatology and Care of the Elderly

Dr E Storey (female) MBChB, MRCP,  nMRCGP.  Joined the practice in 2014. Originally trained in Leeds. Interested in Care of the Elderly      

Dr D Dhillon (male), MBChB. Joined the practice in 2017

Dr S Khan (female) MBChB.  Joined the practice in 2019

Nursing Team:

Anita Bauerek  (Practice Nurse) RGM, interests in Diabetes, Asthma, Women’s Health

Yemurai Dube (Practice Nurse) Newly qualified

Debbie Sheldon  (Health Care Assistant)  Interest in Stop Smoking



Administrative staff:

Practice Manager - Sue Swift

Senior Administrator/Secretary– Ann Wainwright

IT Administration Anthea Sheldon

Administration - Natalie Cox

Receptionists – Jamila Ali / Natalie Cox / Shabana Kauser / Hussina Rafique / Rehanna Ramzan / Sally Marshall / Anthea Sheldon / Natalie Pearce


Upwell Street Surgery  is a well-established GP Surgery that was purpose built in  2002, with on site parking. Our premises are modern with special consideration for the disabled, including - parking, access and many internal facilities. We are a fourth wave PMS practice, going live in October 2001.


Our practice area :   

We cover parts of Sheffield 4, 5 & 9. We mostly accept patients who live within our catchment area, because home visits outside the area are difficult.

Our service users are the whole population, all ages, all medical conditions and disabilities

The age breakdown of our whole population of 4814  patients (as of February 2019)  is as follows:


0 – 4               406                 5 – 15             1007             16 – 44 1978

45-59              736                 60 – 75           429               76+       258


The registered activities and service types have been agreed by the partners and practice manager in accordance with CQC guidance.


The regulated activities under CQC are:


•              Diagnostic and screening procedures

•              Family planning

•              Maternity and midwifery services

•              Surgical procedures

•              Treatment of disease, disorder or injury


Under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (The Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009 Part 4), the registering body (Upwell Street Surgery)  is required to provide to the Care Quality Commission a statement of purpose.

Our Aims and Objectives for delivering each of the above regulated activities:



⋅    We aim to ensure high quality, safe and effective services and environment

⋅    To provide monitored, audited and continually improving healthcare services

⋅    To provide healthcare which is available to a whole population and create a partnership between patient and health profession which ensures mutual respect, holistic care and continuous learning and training.

⋅    The provision of accessible healthcare which is proactive to healthcare changes, efficiency and innovation and development.

⋅    To improve Clinical Governance and Evidence Based Practice

⋅    To improve Clinical and Non-clinical risk management

⋅    To reduce risk in specific clinical risk areas and facilities

⋅    To improve environment

⋅    To improve vigilance for unforeseen emergencies

⋅    To optimise performance against key targets and core standards

⋅    To meet key targets

⋅    To become a patient centred organisation

⋅    To safeguard both children and vulnerable adults, by ensuring that all staff receive appropriate training

⋅    To improve services offered to patients

⋅    To improve communication between the surgery and the patients

⋅    To recruit, retain and develop a highly motivated and appropriately skilled workforce

•      To enhance performance of the workforce

⋅    To guide the employees in accordance with the Equalities Scheme

⋅    To continue the development of the Practice

⋅    To ensure effective management and governance systems

⋅    To ensure a robust Information Technology strategy to support the business of Upwell Street Surgery


The services provided by Upwell Street Surgery:

⋅    Routine medical checks and general medical services
NHS relevant prescriptions and medications or a private prescription can be issued.

⋅    Immunisations:  Childhood immunisations /

⋅    Health Protection / Preventative immunisations e.g. Influenza immunisations

⋅    Lifestyle management / weight loss / exercise and smoking cessation advice - for patients who want to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

•      Chronic Disease Manage management .  Upwell Street surgery is able to offer specialist support to patients in managing Chronic Diseases, including CKD, Asthma, Osteoporosis,

Employee medicals – Our GP’s are able to carry out medical reports and review.

⋅    Respiratory clinic – Upwell Street Surgery has facilities for spirometry / lung function testing.

⋅    Diabetic clinic – Upwell Street Surgery operates clinics each week to provide ongoing care for our diabetic patients. This is overseen by our trained Advanced Nurse Practitioner and GP

⋅    Family planning clinic – Implanon/ Depo Provera injections and oral contraception available or can be arranged by the practice

⋅    Phlebotomy Upwell Street Surgery offer appointments for blood tests on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Friday mornings (up to 12.00pm on each day)

⋅    Midwifery - The community midwife hold their own clinics at Upwell Street Surgery  every week  supervising antenatal care.   

⋅    Minor surgery - We offer a number of minor operations/surgeries for dermatology related concerns. The minor operations are currently held with Dr Van Veen

       ⋅    Joint Injections – Dr Key is able to provide this service

⋅    Ear syringing   - Upwell Street Surgery has facilities for ear syringing.

⋅    Well person checks including NHS Over 40s health checks – These can be carried out with the  nursing team

•      Wound dressings The nursing team  are able to offer support to most aspects of wound care

⋅    24 Hr BP Monitoring We have a 24 hr ambulatory BP monitor and software

⋅    Cervical screening -  Upwell St Surgery is able to arrange cervical screening and tests in the form of cervical smears.

⋅    Learning Disability and chronic Mental Health Dr Storey is able to offer specialist support including regular health checks


Our practice ethos is to strive towards a partnership between patients and health professionals.

We aim to:-

·         Provide high quality health care that caters for the complex      needs of a diverse and disadvantaged population

·         Demonstrate the values of the NHS family general practice

·         Provide a friendly, personal and accessible service with continuity of cate that may span decades

·         Treat all patients with respect and compassion

·         Protect the vulnerable

·         Work as a friendly, supportive team that respects the vital contribution of each member of staff

·         Provide high quality training to encourage and develp the next generation of General Practitioners


Mutual Respect

We endeavour to treat all our patients with dignity, respect and honesty. Everyone at Upwell Street Surgery is committed to the delivery of an excellent service.  We encourage patients to highlight any discrepancies and to offer the same commitment in return.


Holistic Care

We treat patients and illnesses. This means that we are equally interested in the physical, psychological and social aspects of your individual care.


Continuity of Care

Building and maintaining a strong relationship between doctors, health professionals, and patients is essential to the way we work. This is especially so in the management of ongoing problems or long-term illness and we will endeavour to accommodate patients who wish to see the same GP.

For patients who wish to see a particular health care professional we will always try to accommodate this.  However, if they are unavailable we would encourage patients to see any of the doctors or nurses available in the practice at the time.  


Learning and Training

We are a training practice and are committed to the training of our doctors and nurses all of whom are closely supervised. We believe in “life-long learning” and all the health professionals here, undergo an annual appraisal where the goals of the individual, teams and practice are discussed and agreement reached on the way forward.  Regular reviews act as a way of reinforcing effective performance, highlight areas for improvement and recognise developing strengths

We also recognise the benefit of supported learning for our patients and families in enhancing your ability to manage and deal with both ‘self-limiting’ and long-term illnesses'.