Travel Vaccinations

Travel Vaccination Clinic:

•          Patient  to check with the travel clinics which vaccinations are needed.

•           Clinics will be held once a month.

•           Patients must book at least 8  weeks before travelling.

•           Anyone with less than 6 weeks before travelling will not be vaccinated.

•           No emergency (flying next day) appointments will be given.

•           Once the clinic is full, no extra appointments will be added.

•           Only vaccinations supplied by the NHS will be given (see below).

available as part of the NHS contract:





Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A+B combined (may be available)


The following vaccinations are available via private clinics (NOT Upwell Street Surgery) and are chargeable. See list below for this service.

Hepatitis B (national shortage at the moment)

Meningitis C (and other meningitis vaccines)

Japanese encaphalitis


Tick-borne encaphalitis


Yellow fever 

Please contact the following travel centres for advice. They will need to know when and where you are travelling.
Wicker Pharmacy - Tel:2727676(child vaccs also)
Boots Pharmacy - Tel:2568011
Royal Hallamshire Hospital - Tel:2712608
Please arrange your vaccinations in good time. Three months before your trip is ideal.
Medical Insurance
 - Arrange medical insurance, particularly if you are travelling outside Europe.
 - Obtain a form E111 from the Post Office if you are travelling in Europe .This will entitle you to free or reduced cost medical care within the EU. Take the form with you on holiday. (Care can still be very expensive even with an E111 form.)